Token WLTX
Opens 3/12/2018
Closes 7/12/2018
Summary Waltix easily integrates with any payment systems and ticket sales and gives users access to buying tickets. Innovative solution for the ticket market based on the blockchain.


Waltix – an innovative service for ticket sales combining the convenience of mobile applications and the safety of blockchain. Waltix helps: ● users – to easily and safely purchase tickets and then later resell them or give them as a present; ● event and show organizers – to set rules to their ticket turnover, exclude uncontrolled resales, ticket fraud and generate additional revenue; ● ticket agents – to use a convenient service for online sales; ● investors – to multiply their investments and contribute to the development of a new high tech product. ● Waltix is easily integrated with any payment and ticket systems through API and gives its users access to ticket purchasing with the help of a convenient app. After the purchase, the ticket can be presented as a gift or resold. All transactions are recorded in blockchain, which helps event organizers see the life cycle of tickets, receive analytics and if necessary, make changes to the sales process. Event organizers are interested in connecting their ticket systems to Waltix, as they receive a brand new channel of ticket sales, ability to control the ticket turnover and receive additional income from the secondary market.

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