The Advertising Currency


Token TAC
Opens 1/1/2018
Closes 2/28/2018
Summary A decentralized industry utility of currency tokens based around corporate advertising contracts.


The advertising currency is a project that has has three phases with complete plans to make a utility currency with a series of token currencies specific to advertising and marketing industries. The first phase revolves around obtaining advertising contracts from large outdoor corporate advertising firms such as Lamar Media and iHeartMedia. In this phase the plan is to enter into dozens of multi-million dollar contracts for advertising space in the offline world. For every 1 million we spend on a contract, we believe we can negotiate a minimum of $1.5 million in retail ads. From the investment standpoint this is something amazing. Its almost a guarantee on returns at a very nice premium. If we enter into $28 Million dollars worth of contracts, we should get well over $60 million dollars in retail advertising. In effect this plan is a cooperative bulk buying plan. The second phase of the plan is to launch a marketing platform called OSMP-TAC. This platform will integrate each of the advertising currency tokens. Each token will relate to a specific type of marketing within the platform. We will have tokens for traffic exchanges, safelists, social networks, banner exchanges, article exchanges, as well as billboard ads, public transportation ads, and similar outdoor advertising spots. This platform will allow anyone to create any type of marking site or social network they wish with a few clicks, and then begin selling advertising through the platform accepting various advertising tokens. The final phase of our plan is to launch our platform as a free open source platform distributing the software in as many places as we can. We will also further develop of plugins and basic standalone marketing scripts that will allow anyone to accept our tokens as a form of currency on their websites for advertising and marketing relating services. Our entire platform is going to be a modified industry specific version of a clone of the waves decentralized platform.

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