Token MDC
Opens 12/18/2017
Closes 1/31/2018
Summary Coin pay out dividends in ETH from crypto mining farm operations


10,000  ERC-20 coins are available initially. Revenue from the coin sale will be used to quickly and efficiently expand mining operations. As new rigs go online there profits will be paid out to coin holders as dividends. Dividends will be a minimum of 50% of profit paid in Ether. As of todays prices investment would have a return of 8% per month once  rigs are built and mining. Exponential growth is expected as crypto currency gets widely accepted and coin values rise, we expect to see returns rise 3x to 10x today's values and very possibly more, just look at bitcoin. Profitable and Sustainable Mining We use the most cost efficient and profitable technologies, to ensure the quickest returns on investment so you will profit from your investments as quickly as possible. We use power suppliers that supply only electricity created through renewable resources such as wind and solar power.   Why Us? We are family operated and are looking to grow a sustainable business not just make a quick buck and get out. We have been running our test rigs for over a year able to be able quickly ramp up and start returning dividends as fast as possible We are not going to drag our feet and try to figure things out as we hold your money, or purchase exorbitantly expensive equipment that will elongate return on investment time, just to have the latest and greatest.  

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