Token MCX
Opens 10/5/2017
Closes 1/1/2018
Summary The MCX Coin is one of the most revolutionary crypto currencies to hit the market. This is because of its sheer capacity to understand specific financial markets. The MCX Coin has the innovative technology to bring stability to the crypto market


MCX Coin is a global payment system crypto-asset built on the low-volatility autonomous algorithm with methods proven and used on traditional financial markets. It can be employed both as a means of settlement of payments and a means of medium and long term saving. MCX will be working mainly to build its blockchain stable enough to handle transactions from the financial markets especially settlements between stock and commodity brokers. ‍The main reason behind MCX being interesting is the technology behind the project and the development team working on the project. The hybrid technology incorporated in MCX makes it suitable for both the technologies which includes POW and POS.‍ICO bonus is not given in a traditional way but the rise in the price of tokens is our way of giving bonuses to the investors. Early investors will be benefited in huge numbers as they will receive higher profits compared to those who join later. This also gives a assurance of listing MCX in the exchanges with a higher value.‍The investors should be really excited abut this project as this is that opportunity they were waiting for. Investing in MCX will bring out huge opportunities for the investors. MCX will create that mark on the crypto community because of its technical features and community supporting MCX. We will also be providing MCX debit card to the investors for seamless transactions. Also the multi wallet feature will excite our crypto audience to make sure that MCX has a upward graph.

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