Token KRT
Opens 10/4/2017
Closes 1/4/2018
Summary KredX is an App that will condense the entire world of Cryptocurrency plus more down into the palm of your hand on your mobile device without loosing any functionality providing its users with a range of features/services all tied together with a n


KredX is a Multi-platform Cryptocurrency centered, decentralized Application that is set to revolutionize the way you interact with your Cryptocurrency and the world around you by condensing and blending together the entire world of Cryptocurreny, with a wide range of social platforms, a unique creative twist, and topped off with its own brand new Cryptocurrency to create a cocktail of functionality and convenience right at your fingertips on your mobile device. Upon launch The KredX App will be providing its Users with: A Unique Decentralized Social Networking Platform A Multi-Currency Wallet with optional Visa Card A Fully Functional Cryptocurrency Exchange A Miner that rewards Users simply for using the App A Blockchain creation platform allowing Users to fork KRX into their own new Cryptocurrencies and create their own Tokens/Blockchains A GPS Location Based Interactive Map A Multi-Ring Signature Encrypted Instant Messenger Having all these features together not only saves you time and money by you not having to hold multiple accounts with multiple different Cryptocurrency platforms to get your business done, but also gives you access to the unique benefits that come from the mutual augmentation that occurs between each feature. Each aspect and function fully complements and supports all others while being Blockchain-Based and maintaining decentralization as well as functionality. It's our hope that KredX will eventually become a household name as one of the most trusted and respected Cryptocurrency Organizations, synonymous with success, integrity, and mutual development. KredX will become a vital tool and component of the larger Cryptocurrency Economy bridging the gap between Cryptocurrency and practical usage. How it all works: Every Feature of the KredX App is completely Blockchain based and implements Blockchain Technology in an innovative, feature-rich manner. The KredX App was designed to be a complete framework and independent app that is still connected to the greater Cryptocurrency Network, acting as a crucible for New and Existing Cryptocurrency Users to get the most out of their Cryptocurrency by being able to Spend, connect, manage, sell, buy and create their Cryptocurrency, all in one place. The ultimate goal of any organization providing a good/service is to fully achieve forward, backward and vertical integration. With KredX’s range of services, we achieve high levels of integration with The Cryptocurrency Market Environment. Each of the services and platforms we offer our Users can be essentially broken off and run as its own separate organization, in fact, there are many organizations that exist only to supply one Cryptocurrency related service/platform to their Users. By combining these functions we achieve fluid, hassle-free, instant internal transactions within our organization, therefore giving our Users a direct fast line into the world of Cryptocurrency. When it comes to KredX, integration, and consolidation of our services, not only takes the strain off management functions and day to day running, but due to there being no need to outsource services each of our services and platforms augments each other in a unique and highly beneficial way, allowing the entire KredX App to operate on a higher level of functionality and efficiency. Multi-Currency Wallet & Visa Card: A Wallet is arguably the most important piece of the Cryptocurrency puzzle, acting as a base of interaction with your Cryptocurrency allowing you to send and receive as you wish. Much like your Physical Wallet that holds your Fiat Currency, your Cryptocurrency Wallet needs to be mobile, you wouldn't be able to get much shopping done if you left your Physical Wallet at home. That's why The KredX Multi-Currency Wallet is integrated directly into the KredX App and designed for use on the go, with multiple wallet integration for a multitude of Cryptocurrencies, and even an optional addition for your Physical Wallet, The KredX Debit Card. Most Wallets only hold one type of Cryptocurrency, The KredX Multi-Currency Wallet will allow you to store multiple types of Cryptocurrencies all in one place, eliminating the need to manage and keep track of Multiple Wallets across different platforms. The KredX Multi-Currency Wallet will host a multitude of different Wallets each attributed to a different Cryptocurrency. Users will be able to choose which Wallets they would like to activate Choosing from the Wide Range of all Cryptocurrencies listed on the KredX Exchange, as well as User created Cryptocurrencies and Tokens. KredX Cryptocurrency Exchange: A Cryptocurrency Exchange can be described basically as a cross between a Bank, Currency Exchange, and Stock Exchange. A platform where Users can exchange one type of Cryptocurrency for another type of Cryptocurrency, or Local Fiat Currency. The entire exchange is blockchain based, allowing for a decentralized and real-time public ledger of all executed trades. This ensures transparency and price validity. New currencies created with the KredX platform can be instantly added to the exchange. The KredX App will feature a fully functioning Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange where Users will be able to conduct Cryptocurrency Trades in real-time using the latest prices and Exchange Rates. Users will first Fund their accounts by depositing funds in their KredX Multi-Currency Wallets. Once a User Decides to Trade, the User will go to the Exchange Tab in The KredX app and pick either Buy or Sell. Upon picking either option the User will be prompted to select which Currency is to be Bought or Sold by choosing a Cryptocurrency From the User's Multi-Currency Wallet. Once the Currency, and amount have been confirmed the transaction will complete. Social Network: The KredX Social Networking Platform will be a true Social Media Platform in every respect, featuring a customize-able Newsfeed, Multi-Media Sharing, pages, groups and Profile Construction. Users will be able to check in using the built-in GPS map functions. Stay in touch with everyone by updating your status and or using the instant messaging service to chat directly or in groups. Encrypted Instant Messaging: KredX instant messaging is delivered through a decentralized blockchain which makes use of Ring Signature encryption to keep messaging safe, secure, and untraceable allowing Users to connect and communicate with each other on their own terms. Mobile Mining Application: Users will have access to a Free for Life low-hash rate worker. The Purchase of New workers and the Upgrade of Existing ones will be made via Kredits payment. The User's Community Ranking will play a large role in the functionality and Upgrade price of Mining Workers. Users who spend more time on the app will earn more kredit. Essentially the KredX app pays its users to use it. Because KredX is a decentralized app the Free Miner is your reward of hosting a node. All it takes is one copy left in existence for the app to be distribute-able once more. For doing your Part as a KredX User you're entitled to an active continuous share in the App in the form of Kredits (KRX). Location Based Map and GPS Functionality: The KredX Map will connect both Businesses and Individuals with each other to create a network of Businesses both large and small, with Individual Users fully connected with the world around them knowing who is in their area, and what Goods and Services are on offer around them using location-based Technology. Users will be able to view on a map exactly what Goods, Services, and Professionals are in their area allowing them to get in touch with who they need, when they need it.Using a Cryptocurrency payment system ensures that the KredX Map is Fast, Secure, Reliable, and Convenient. Blockchain Creation Platform: KredX's reason for providing and making Cryptocurrency creation a viable option for all our users is to put the power of creation and promotion into their hands. The KredX Team are strong believers in creating a large, expansive, and diverse Crypto-economy. We also believe that our blockchain technology can be applied to almost any aspect of business and life. To do this we will be creating a unique platform for our innovative users to create, promote, and manage their own Cryptocurrencies with ease. Being a Team comprised of Cryptocurrency developers ourselves, we know what a big task creating a Cryptocurrency is, and we want to give life and body to the ideas and innovations of our users with Cryptocurrency by taking extensive development and logistics out of the equation. Users will be able to Customize their new Cryptocurrencies and instantly go to market if they wish. Kredits (KRX): Kredits will act as the base encouraged currency of the KredX App and will be fully equipped with Ring signature Technology and Key images to be a totally private, anonymous, and analysis resistant Cryptocurrency. Kredits will be employing a strict 1 CPU 1 Vote Egalitarian proof of work system aimed at supporting and ensuring a fair, balanced decentralized network. The Total supply will be reached after the global mining pool is setup that will group all app User power collectively to create unrivaled hash power. All Block Rewards, Block Difficulties, and Block Sizes are scale-able and responsive to the currency Network Hashrates and Difficulty levels both short term and long term creating a Currency Network that is shaped by its Users' input. Kredits Details: Name: Kredits (KRX) Block Difficulty: 0.1 Total Supply: 440,000,000,000. Emission Rate: 44 KRX Per-Block Block-Size: Scale-able Block-Halving: Never, uses adaptive Block Rewards Block Frequency: 10 Blocks-per-second, 864000 per day Daily Emission: ~38,016,000 KRX Total Supply reached: ~31 years Kredits will be pre-mined 440,000,000 coins to pay out KredX Token investors wishing to Exchange their Tokens at a rate of 1 KRT : 1 KRX ICO Token Sale: KredX will be holding a Tokensale to raise funds for the creation, development, and rollout of KredX. We will be using Ethereum Blockchain based Tokens to act as a medium of exchange for the support of investors during the ICO. KRT will be exchangable for Kredits upon their release at a rate of 1 KRT : 1 KRX Token Name: KredX Tokens (KRT) ICO Length: 04/10/2017-04/10/2017 Number of Tokens: 440,000,000 Fundraising Hardcap: $43,000,000 Token Price: Month 1: $5.00 = 100 KRT Month 2: $7.50 = 100 KRT Month 3: $10.00 = 100 KRT Payment Methods Accepted: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, NEM, Monero and Zcash. Token distribution: The 440,000,000 Token distribution will reserve 10,000,000 for the payout of social bounties to promoters and advocates. The Rest will be sold to investors during the ICO period. Of the unsold tokens if-any, will be used for the payment of pending bounties if neccesary. The Founders will NOT be keeping any tokens for themselves and the development team will NOT be keeping any tokens for themselves. Where you can Buy Tokens: The KredX Token Sale is now live! KRT Tokens can be bought directly from our Website, using our in-site checkout. Whitepaper: Full KredX Presentation: KredX Github- Kredits Github- Twitter- Facebook- Bitcoin Talk Topic: KredX be hosting a live Discord Server for the duration of the ICO, Come and hang out with the developers and speak your mind

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