Token ITC
Opens 11/24/2017
Closes 2/22/2018
Summary The Giftz™ Network: For Merchants, Loyalty Programs, Consumers, Traders & Developers with itCoin® Rewards Token: itCoin® Black, Waulit™ (Wallet): Secure, direct, peer-to–peer transactions & Rewards Trading Marketplace


According to Bloomberg, airlines make more money selling miles than seats! For years, the airlines have sold billions of their "miles" to businesses to use as incentives and to consumers who top up their miles account. Giftz™ will sell a crypto called itCoin® Black to businesses as incentives and to consumers to top up their Giftz™Card account (Loyalty Card). The Giftz™ Network consists of a loyalty ecosystem, brand-able rewards tokens, digital wallet and a platform for consumers & businesses to trade tokenized points without having to use an exchange.‍Any brand can tokenize their product or service and sell to business to use as incentives. Example; Auto Dealerships can give away 100 Carwash Rewards Tokens when you buy a new car. itCoin® (crypto-points) can be redeemed inside the Giftz™ Network for anything from private jet miles, hotels, spas, cruises or even car washes…or any purchase that accepts The Giftz™ Card (using Visa Cash). The Standard Giftz™ Card comes built into the Waulit™App. The Giftz™ Black Card is for High Net Worth Individuals and has higher spending power. ‍The Giftz™ Network will service merchants, consumers, traders and loyalty token developers. A limited supply (60,000,000) of itCoin® Black will be sold at the ICO. Merchants will need to buy itCoin® Black (public token) to award customers in 2018. Consumers will need itCoin®Black to top up their Rewards Account. Loyalty token developers & traders will need itCoin Black to access the Giftz™ marketplace to trade peer-to-peer within the ecosystem. Buy. Give. Earn. Trade. New: Anyone who purchases 3 BTC or 50 ETH worth of itCoin® Black will pre-qualify for the Giftz™ Black Card with higher spending power.

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