Dyno Empire


Token DYN
Opens 12/1/2017
Closes 1/1/2018
Summary The Dyno Empire aims to bring the power of blockchain technology to the masses via the Dyno Wallet Platform.


The Dyno Empire is a Decentralized Quasi Nation State on The Ethereum Blockchain. The Goal of The Empire is to Create a Decentralized World where Nobody has to Work. A World Where The People Own Technology not Big Companies. Truly Borderless Universal Basic Income. A World Where The Poorest Live like The Middle Class of Today. And The Ambitious Live like Kings. A World of Abundance and Efficiency. At The Heart of The Dyno Empire is The Dyno Token. The Dyno Token will be used by Every Decentralized Application Created by The Empire. The Dyno Token will also be used by Any Businesses, Events, Products, or Services affiliated with The Empire. In order to Preserve The Empire and The Dyno Token's Value. The Dyno Token will be backed by a Reserve of Bitcoin and Other Crypto Currencies. This Reserve will be built through Mining, Converting Fiat from The Empire’s Businesses and Services into Bitcoin, and taking a 2.5% Total Supply Fee from All Tokens Listed and Raising Capital on The Dyno Wallet Platform.

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