Token BTCG
Opens 12/2/2017
Closes 12/31/2017
Summary We are running ICO event for BTC-Green coins which are used in the BTC-Green community, working on environmental and ecological projects.


BTC-Green is a cryptocurrency and a modern digital payment system, it’s invented to serve for the large group of community that is implementing environmental projects. From researching, producing biological fertilizer, Forestry amelioration, growing valuable herbs, organic farms to building peaceful communities and education, our over-120.000 members are rapidly expanding worldwide. Taking the advantages of blockchain technology, The BTC-Green system is peer-to-peer where the transactions take place between users directly, without an intermediary. Since the system works without a central repository or single administrator, BTC-Green is called one of the first decentralized digital currency, on which there are many ecosystems will be blossomed As the high-demand within the community, BTC-Green will be developed worldwide and participated to the crypto-currency system that can be soon functioned as hybrid system which let users can exchange to any well-known crypto or even to local currency through Bitcoin ATMs Instantly Transfer Peer to Peer BTC-Green runs on blockchain network without a central server, but distributed-divided on each user connected to the network. Easy and Fast TransactionBTC-Green can be sent to anyone, anywhere within seconds by computer or smartphone (supported most platforms including iOS and Android). The transfer fee is nearly ZERO, no matter how much coin is sent. Transactions are AnonymousAll the transactions are encrypted and can be seen in the blockchain explorer, but we do not know the owner of the Sending or receiving addresses. Each user can keep his identity secret unless he just want to show, all of his transactions are still recorded and can be monitored through blockchain. Independence and Not controlled by any Institution or GovernmentBTC-Green is using blockchain to maintain the Ledger, which is not controlled by any party, but secure and transparent across the nodding network. It’s build by and for the community. Coin Supply – Price ProspectsThe total quantity is limited only 18 million coins, which is used worldwide that’s lesser than Bitcoin’s total. Its price is definitely promised with high demand in the community, keep going-on strong and curbing inflation.

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