ATFS Project


Token ATFS
Opens 1/10/2018
Closes 2/9/2018
Summary ATFS Project is the world’s first decentralized AgriTech & Food Science crowdfunding project built on Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contracts.


ATFS Project is the world’s first decentralized AgriTech & Food Science crowdfunding project built on Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contracts. We are bringing Industrial Revolution 4.0 to the crypto world with ATFS Token. The issuance of ATFS Token finances the establishment of Smart Farm 2.0, development of Disruptive Decentralized Platform, and production of Plant-Based Meat. The project is an all-around solution to the world’s growing food crisis by providing relevant technological advances in agriculture, new revenue base and supply systems, and a socially-acceptable alternative to meat consumption. ATFS Project and its team members vow to enhance people’s quality of life all around the world by revolutionizing the current food system. Therefore, it is necessary and critical to secure funding during our crowdfunding period. By participating, you are joining a group of like-minded pioneers who knows of the benefits that the next agricultural revolution will generate. The profits from all stages of the ATFS Project will be shared based on ATFS Token’s smart contracts. ‍We are fully confident that the ATFS Project is a win-win model for both agriculture industry and the crypotoworld.‍‍How does ATFS Project work? 2-1) Launching the Largest Smart Farm 2.0 Project in Asia Smart Farm 2.0 is an intelligent farm powered by deep learning by combining information, communication, technology (ICT), IoT, Big Data, and more within the agriculture industry. It automatically and tactically controls proper temperature, humidity, sunlight, carbon dioxide, water and so on of a crop cultivation facility by utilizing IoT technology, sensors and analytic software with networked environment. In other words, Smart Farm 2.0 enables proactive prediction, real-time response and situation-specific simulation 24/7/365. Following the plant breeding and genetics revolution in the agricultural industry, Smart Farm 2.0 leads the “Third Green Revolution” in agriculture by providing optimal growth environment and directing its controls based on relevant big data analysis. It creates high added value by improving productivity, efficiency, and quality throughout the entire production life-cycle, distribution and consumption process of an agricultural product. ‍ ATFS Project’s first goal is to build the largest Smart Farms in Asia, where smart farms are still in its early entry stage. ‍2-2) Disruptive Decentralized Platform (DDP) The purpose of Disruptive Decentralized Platform is to completely destroy the food distribution problems that have been occurring in all stages of current distribution channels, and to recreate the distribution structure of new models. It will become the best profit model for both producers (farmers) and consumers by drastically eliminating the complicated, high-cost and multi-level distribution structure with entry barriers and inefficiency of information by directly connecting the two players. The Disruptive Decentralized Platform is an easy-to-use platform with convenient access running on the apps and web anytime, anywhere. The payment gateway of this platform is conducted on the blockchain by Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all ERC20 based altcoins as well as fiat currencies. We know that more commercial platforms will gradually accept cryptocurrencies in the future, just like how a couple of pizzas cost 10,000 bitcoins at first. ‍ 2-3) Plant-Based Meat (First, Asia Pacific and then the rest of world) Plant-Based meat is going to be the future’s top protein alternative and the solution to the world’s pending meat shortage issue. AFTS Project aims to first launch types of oriental meats befitting to the Asian region and culture, and plans to expand our Plant-Based Meat assortments to the rest of the world. The project’s blueprint for Plant-Based Meat (vegetable protein) utilizes biotechnology and synthetic biology combined with agricultural cultivation capability and technology accumulated from Smart Farm 2.0 operations. For optimal results, we will establish a specialized and dedicated Research & Development Center in collaboration with leading universities and research institutes at home and abroad. ‍‍Why ATFS Project is interesting? By 2050, the world’s population is expected to reach 9.7 billion, 34% higher than today, and nearly 2.1 billion will be people aged 60 years or over. Urbanization will also continue at an accelerated pace, and 70% of the world’s population is projected to be in urban environments. Unfortunately, urbanization promotes eating habits of developed nations, one that is obsessed with protein. The average person in the U.S. consumes double the recommended daily amount (103 grams per day), of which two-thirds comes from animal sources. This is the future of the world we live in today. We have imminent problems in food security and supply chain: an increasing population that demands more protein and an aging population that decreases agricultural productivity. Therefore, we need an agricultural revolution, and it needs your support. Our team proposes an integrated approach with three organically linked missions as a solution: Mission 1 – Smart Farm 2.0 Mission 2 – Disruptive Decentralized Platform Mission 3 – Plant-Based Meat ‍‍Token bonuses EARLY BIRD (Day 1~3): 1 ETH = 3,500 tokens (+40% Bonus) STAGE 1 (Day 4~8): 1 ETH = 3,250 tokens (+30% Bonus)STAGE 2 (Day 9~15): 1 ETH = 3,000 tokens (+20% Bonus) STAGE 3 (Day 16~22): 1 ETH = 2,750 tokens (+10% Bonus) STAGE 4 (Day 23~27): 1 ETH = 2,625 tokens (+5% Bonus) STAGE 5 (Day 28~30): 1 ETH = 2,500 tokens (0%) ‍‍ What else do investors need to know? The ATFS Project is driven by a number of experts of with a common vision. The team brings extensive professional experience in the areas of Venture Capital, Management Consulting, Financial Institution, FinTech, Legal Affairs, Marketing, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, as well as disruptive decentralized platform. Such combined knowledge and professional background of the founders are essential for ATFS Project’s success

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