Token ASTR
Opens 11/21/2017
Closes 12/25/2017
Summary Asteroid, Ltd. will Democratize Space through a new BlockChain mechanism called BlockClaim®. A BlockClaim® will allow any private individual, company and nation state the ability to lay claim to and share in the vast wealth within our celestial orbit.


Democratizing Space – “One BlockClaim® @ A Time” Asteroid, Ltd. is building a decentralized database whereby private individuals, corporations and nation states can register claims on mining rights to over 600,000 identified asteroids in our near celestial orbit using a smart contract and proprietary BlockClaim® mechanisms. The system will be modelled after ICANN, a system familiar to us all, whereby individuals who desire to “claim” a website address apply for a specific website and register their domain. ICANN, a private company, acts as the registrar of the “website claim” and provides usage of the domain for a specific period of time with a renewal protocol. Asteroid, Ltd. will provide services that allow claimants to secure a claim to specific asteroids within the database and act as the registrar for the claimant using Asteroid’s proprietary BlockClaim® mechanism. Each individual will lay a BlockClaim® to a specific asteroid and both a public and private ledger will be created on the Ethereum platform. This will be achieved through smart contracts, protocol tokens, called ASTR®, and a significant dataset identifying over 600,000 asteroids and approximately $700 Quintillion dollars of minerals. Each BlockClaim® will consist of a registration using ASTR® Tokens and provide an immutable record of the mining claim. Presently, there is no structure provided for a potential Asteroid Miner to make a claim on their rights to an Asteroid. ‍Theoretically, a centralized data centre could hold the information, however, who would be in control of this data and how could we know instantly the ownership rights claimed. Again, no nation state can make this claim without the reliance on other interested parties being made aware of this claim. In other words, this cannot be done independently and without an outside non-terrestrial authority or open-source distributed technology confirmation of the claim. Presently, the Outer Space Treaty forms the basis of International Space Law. Some revelatory conditions of this treaty encompass aspects regarding the right of all humankind to the ownership of space, most notably in the following articles: Article I The exploration and use of outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, shall be carried out for the benefit and in the interests of all countries, irrespective of their degree of economic or scientific development, and shall be the province of all mankind… Article II Outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of use or occupation, or by any other means. As such, those who claim their right to the abundance therein will receive the benefit of their claim now and in the future. What must be noted is that NO nation state, government or sovereignty may lay claim to the property of space. Hence, individual states may govern their own citizens but will not be able to claim ownership rights to space though nationalistic law. Hence, no nation state will be able to govern the claim in space. Asteroid, Ltd.’s solution is to provide a secure and transparent public ledger using proprietary BlockClaim® mechanisms within the Ethereum protocol. The relatively recent advent of Blockchain technology allows for a distributed immutable ledger to be deployed ensuring all participants the use of fully functional, transparent and multilateral agreements that were not previously possible; thus, ensuring all parties a mechanism that is global and cryptographically secure. No central authority will be able to change what has been written into a BlockClaim®. ‍The owner of the claim will thereby have a global ledger ensuring their claim. Asteroid, Ltd. will provide the registry using the state-of-the-art Blockchain distributed ledger. It could be argued that if Blockchain technology existed at the advent of the Internet it would have been used to establish claiming rights to the domains in existence. In essence, BlockClaims® may likely be to space what Domains are to the Internet. Privately, corporately and nationally claimed within our public registry. The Whitepaper describes a proprietary mechanism, called a BlockClaim®, to develop a distributed public ledger for Asteroid Mining Claims utilizing Blockchain technology. Asteroid, Ltd. proposes a unique implementation, using our proprietary mechanism called a BlockClaim®. The described system will be deployed worldwide to record mining claims both in a terrestrial environment and a non-terrestrial space environment. The proposed system will leverage smart contract techniques to automate a process whereby the dataset will define a mining claim, country-specific royalty where and when applicable, the ability to establish, sell, bequeath or trade a claim, priority, and domicile in a specialized BlockClaim® open-sourced mechanism. Each Blockclaim® will be secured via a token called ASTR® (ASTRCOIN®) within the Ethereum platform. This will ensure significant usage of the ASTRCOIN® currency, giving liquidity and growth in the value of the currency.‍As Space exploration grows so will the value of ASTRCOIN®. Immediate liquidity is achieved through the consistent registration of BlockClaims®. These are projected to be in the 10’s of million per annum. Beyond this, there may be the real potential for the ASTRCOIN® currency to become the viable long-term non-terrestrial “Legal Tender” in Space. The Asteroid Registry will utilise the WHOCLAIM® service for users who want to verify if and when a particular BlockClaim® has been made on an asteroid. In this way, access to the BlockClaim® stored in the Blockchain will be performed. The WhoClaim® service offers validation that the BlockClaim® has been secured and is registered as per the Smart Contract. It will provide registrant information and contract information similar to a WHOIS record lookup from ICANN. Asteroid, Ltd. will develop a Blockchain Clearing House International Ledger (“Asteroid Ledger”) to make Asteroid Mining Claims. Asteroid will model its BlockClaim® mechanism in much the same way that ICANN provides a way to obtain claiming rights to a Domain Name. Unlike many tokens being created there is life beyond the Initial Coin Offering “ICO” and as the network grows the ASTR® Token (“ASTRCOIN®”) also grows with it.‍Discount on price = 75% - 50%

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