ABT Decentralised Web Services


Token ABT
Opens 12/23/2017
Closes 1/31/2018
Summary ABT decentralized browsing web services protocol allows browsers and apps to provide tools for safer and smarter use of internet: secured Digital ID, login, bookmarks, domains and subscription services.


Decentralized Web Services Protocol is focused on browsing users needs, to empower them with safer data privacy and navigation protection options, better browsing management tools and display options, and wider payments facilities including s decentralized subscription mode of payment. Powered by our Advanced Browsing Token (ABT), our protocol is aim to be intuitive and easy to implement by any browser, website or app, wishing to join our eco-system through the ABT framework for developers and provide safer and smarter browsing environment to its users through the use of our token. The decentralized web services protocol is derived from a disruptive browsing patent pending technology that has been developed during the past three years and currently being used in the Addap’s browser. We further expose the Protocol Framework, ABT features, ABT eco-system and economic model, our company team and advisors, our Token Sale, the use of proceeds and our roadmap for software and business development.

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