Token 803
Opens 10/1/2017
Closes 12/31/2017
Summary Building and Securing the Blockchain with the largest Cryptocurrency Mine in America.


1. 803 MINE PROJECT is building the largest cryptocurrency mine in America (the 100 million dollar mine) ‍2. 803 MINE TOKENS are an ethereum smart contract paying token holding back in crypto distributions of 50 percent of total crypto mined. ‍3. This is the first time in America where people can contribute and claim stake in a large cryptocurrency mine. ‍4. Bonuses 10/1-10-31 100% percent bonus 11/1-11/30 25% bonus 12/1-12/31 NO BONUS‍5. Big note as 803 MINE LLC grow and expands all futures ventures held under the company will be contributed the 803 MINE FUND.

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